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Other news:

4-5th October 2008

Tinchek becomes European Champion & Hungarian Champion

24th-25th May 2008

Pancho's results from his 2nd and 3rd show (CACIB VARAZDIN):
2X BISJ All Breed!!!

and he finished Croatian Junior Championship!

18th May 2008
Pancho was entered at his first show, at 11 months he won:
BOG and BIS-3!!!!
13th June 2007
Windy's fourth litter was born, proud mommy is our darling girl Pooffa, one boy pictured at 6,5 weeks old-click on the picture to go to his page:

10th June 2007
Abi was entered to European dog show in Zagreb, Croatia, she earned the title European Veteran Winner and went BIS-2 Veteran at the end!!!

Foto: Matjaz Zupanc
14th July 2005
Windy's third litter was born, this time it is out of our Abi, one boy Pic at 4 weeks-click on the picture to go to his page:
21st May 2005
Windy's second litter was born, one boy and one girl, congratulations and good luck with them to the Sponga family of Golden General kennel! Pics at 3 weeks:
10th Apr 2005
Windy's first baby girl was born, congratulations and good luck with her to the Kocar family! Pics at 3,5 weeks:
19th Mar 2005 Windy wins BOB (8 Pom entries), made a cut in Group competition at CACIB Zagreb (Croatia, judge: P. Muntean, ROM) and finished so INTERNATIONAL and CROATIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
3rd Oct 2004 Windy wins BOB at CAC Vicenza (Italy, judge: S. Sinko, SLO)
18th Sept 2004 Windy wins BOB and BOG2 at CACIB Maribor (Slovenia, breed and group judge: R. Rotner, SLO)
11th Sept 2004 Windy wins BOB and BOG at CAC Vinkovci (Croatia, breed and group judge: V. Jezek, CRO)
15th August 2004 Windy wins BOB and BOG2 at CAC Gradisca (Italy, breed judge: P. Fontana, I, group judge: E. Capra, I)
30th May 2004 Windy wins BOB at CACIB Udine (Italy, judge: G. Vandoni,I)
2nd May 2004
Windy wins BOB and BOG at CAC PÁPA (Hungary, 977 dogs entered, breed judge: A. Tarjan,H; group judge T. Jakkel, H)
18th April 2004 Windy wins 4th BOB at CAC Grosuplje
27th Mar 2004 Windy wins 3rd BOB at CACIB Ljubljana and becomes Slo. J. Champion!!!
1st Feb 2004 Windy's second show: Best Junior Pom, BOB and Top 6 BISJ
11th Jan 2004
We made a visit to Kocar's, breeders of Shadow (Yoszty's son)...check out his page!
23rd Nov 2003 Windy's first show (CAC Ljubljana, SLO): Best Junior Pom
19th Nov 2003
Yoszty became father to two gorgeous princesses-congratulations Nadine! Good luck with Beauty and Eternity!
31st Sept 2003

Windy-Windrunner of Lenette (DOB: September, 2002), bred and owned by Ken Griffith of Lenette Poms, came for a visit...and to make a show career!
Thank you Ken!!!!!

Ch. Avalon's Prince Charming, org Ch. Moreno's Special Amigo, rd sbl Moreno's I Lan Warrior of Hy Jan Le, rd
Moreno's Lil Good N Special, org
Avalon-N-Moreno's Melissa, org sbl Ch. Moreno's Perri Winkle, org sbl
Ruby's Charming Alanda Okla, org
Kandi of Lenette, rd Ch. Great Elms Mr Chips, org Ch. Great Elms Master Mark, org
Great Elms Beauty, org
Maude of Lenette, org Ch. Yolandas N Golden Aires Duke, org
Audrey of Lenette, rd


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