Proudly introducing some of our Poms:  

Multi (13X ) Ch., Inter Ch., World Ch., multi BOG, Multi BOG-2 and BOG-3, BIS, BISS, BIS-2 Veteran Euro dog show 2007
Top Dog AB in 2000
Abishag of Lenette
DOB: 27.6.1998 - 03.10.2011
None Such Symphony of Lenette
DOB: 25.2.2004
Owned now by Darja Trobec (SLO)
Oh Susanna of Lenette

DOB: 26.10.2006
Owned now by Zvonka Grom (SLO)
None Such Secret Obsession
DOB: 22.10.2009-21.08.2015

Slo-J Ch. None Such Chit Chat

DOB: 16.2.2010
Co-owned with Tanja Zupan (SLO)

None Such Last Chance

DOB: 23.2.2011
Co-owned with Zvonka Grom (SLO)
INTER Ch. None Such Hot Stuff

DOB: 17.2.2012
INTER Ch. First Love Ika

DOB: 18.7.2013
INTER Ch. None Such Reflection

DOB: 4.5.2015
None Such Red Hot

DOB: 4.5.2015
INTER Ch. None Such Inspiration

DOB: 21.7.2015
Tiny Jewels' Everlasting Fame

DOB: 19.3.2016

Golden General Mertie

DOB: 9.4.2016




SM J. Ch., Cro J. Ch, 2X BISJ, 2X BOG-3
None Such Jolly Good
DOB: 2.1.2001-09.07.2015
J. Ch., Int. Ch., Cro Ch., BOGs & R. BOGs
Windrunner of Lenette
DOB: 18.9.2002 - 29.3.2012
Obedience exam A passed
European Ch., HU Ch.

None Such Final Attraction
(Klein Spitz)
DOB: 14.7.2005

Owned, trained and adored by Sara Gombac Settomini (SLO)

Cro J. Ch., BOG, 2X BISJ AB, 1X BISJ-3, BIS-3 AB
None Such Tough Guy
DOB: 13.6.2007

Co-owned with Katarina B. (SLO)

None Such Unstoppable
DOB: 9.2.2012

Slo-J Ch., Inter Ch. BISSJ-3, Multi BOG None Such Hidden Treasure
DOB: 17.2.2012


BIS / BPIS / BOG / Am / Cro / DKK / NO/ S / FIN / SLO / INTER / Nordic Ch. EUROPEAN Ch '15 Karawanken Winner '15 Danish Winner '15 Finnish Winner '15
None Such High Spot
DOB: 17.2.2012

None Such Pleasure on Replay
DOB: 17.2.2012

Am / Slo Ch
Daystar Gayel Jalapeno
DOB: 6.5.2016

Slo J-Ch None Such Double Trouble
DOB: 23.6.2017





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