Slo. J. Champion:

P. Buratti (I), 1st February, 2004, Best Junior, BOB:
16 months, very typical with correct proportions, good scull, good earset, very good eyes, very good neck, elbows correct, good coat texture even if not yet full, very good tailset.

B. Spoljaric (CRO), 28th February, 2004, CAC, CACIB, BOB:
17 months old male, correct bite, correct eye shape, good earset, good topline and underline, strong bones, "good" pasterns, good coat texture, outgoing temperament.

G. Pinner (A), 6th March, 2004, R. CAC:
Orange male, correct movement, excellent head, scissors bite, good structure, shows himself well.

W. Van Deijl (B), 27th March, 2004, CAC, CACIB, BOB:
18 months, good scissors bite, excellent type, orange, excellent structure of coat and colour, excellent head, good scull, excellent dark eye, well shaped, typical expression, excellent set of ears, excellent neck, excellent chest, back is good, short in body, excellent in presentation, very attentive dog with good attitude, well angulated, moves well.

T. Gellen (H), 18th April, 2004, CAC, BOB:
Very good size, typical head, very good back and underline, excellent bone and standing, excellent coat, excellent movement.

A. Tarján (H), 2nd May 2004, CAC, BOB, (BOG):

G. Vandoni (I), 30th May, 2004, CAC, CACIB, BOB:
20 months, very typical, compact, good head, good pigmentation, good size of ears and good earset. Compact back, a bit turning out in elbows, good hindquarters, perfect movement of front and back legs.

V. Klucniece (Latvia), 13th June2004, CAC, CACIB, BOB:

M. Heine (D), 19th June, 2004, CAC, R. CACIB:
21 months old, very good type, correct good eyes, ears, head and expression, correct topline, body could be shorter, correct tailset, correct coat and colour, good movement.

C. Stefanescu (ROM), 20th June 2004, CAC, CACIB, BOB:
Nice Head. Excellent expression. Front and back legs normally stand. Normal back line. In excellent condition for the show and very well presented.



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